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KOS launches to you (customer) our newest product, Virtual Technical Assistance Plans, which will serve to meet your needs and ensure a satisfactory experience with our products and services. 

Our goal is to ensure you have the best possible experience with our products and services, which is why we are excited to introduce our Virtual care plans. 

We have five (5) modalities options, ESSENTIAL, PREMIUM, EXPERT, FULL and EXTRA available for you to choose from and each with different levels of support and features.  

With some of our Virtual KOS Technical Assistance Plans, you will have online   access to a highly trained support team, available 8 hours a day, up to 7 days a week, to solve questions or problems related to our products and services. In addition, you can count on priority online service in case of urgent problems, ensuring a faster and more efficient solution.

There are many advantages in acquiring our Virtual Assistance Plans, we offer several options of support and services, fast and efficient, such as: KOS machine support via form, Support via WhatsApp, Remote access in the client/phone service, Virtual Calibration, Revision and Check -Up Virtual monitoring of the machine (every 6 months), Virtual Support for Physical Movement KOS machine, Support for Machining the Shape 3D, Direct line with Julio and Extra Plan Telephone support for machines from other manufacturers, through detailed information.

Only advantages, so let's be KOS and acquire the plan that adapts to your needs?

Sempre em busca de atender nosso cliente.

Encontre o que melhor adapte pra você.


    Every year
    • Suporte VIA WHATSAPP Kos Machine DE Seg. a Sex 09h às 17h.
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