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Where it all began...

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KOS started its activities with surfboard machining in early 2013.  

Acquiring a 4-axis machining machine, aiming to serve the São Paulo market, we had a very difficult start due to the lack of knowledge of the process, mainly regarding the operation of the machine and configurations of the Shape3D software.


After many difficulties and attempts to carry out a quality machining, we decided on our own to disassemble and redo the project in the correct way and only from the month of 06/2014 we machined the first board with 100% perfection.

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Due to all the difficulties we went through in the beginning, not knowing how to design, operate, configure and machine a surfboard, Julio Rovai became a machining specialist and became a reference for machining in the capital and north and south coast of São Paulo.

With the best machining and delivery speed, KosBlanks exceeded market expectations and started selling all types of blanks (PU and EPS) and machining the most diverse types of 3D projects, from a small board to even a Racer 14' , and the machine had a cutting area for machining up to 12'6.


KosBlanks is also a machining company and that's why we know all the problems that can occur in the machine and in the machining process. Acquiring new experiences and learnings in each process, Júlio was polishing his projects to serve the market with a simple machine to operate, with little maintenance, small size that can even fit in a shape room, with high precision and impeccable finish that makes that the finish time also decreases.

All this, for a fair price!

In all projects I always try to bring an evolution of what I have already done or developed on other machines. The fact of taking a machine to a factory does not mean that you will leave there with the approval of the machining that comes out of it. Each machine, despite looking the same, has its differences and in all the machines I've built so far I've had the approval of the best Shapers, guaranteeing the quality and precision of my work.

Everywhere I went these monsters taught me a lot and I was able to take and apply my knowledge too and many of them became my friends.  


Be part of this great team too!

Change your life by purchasing a dream machine..."

Julio Rovai


Thiago Santiago, Sao Paulo

Before the Kos machine I had difficulty accepting orders faster. After acquiring the machine, I was able to accept orders for larger productions, in addition to not losing any sales because I had maximum agility in the initial production phase, which is the Shape.


I just have to thank for the partnership and friendship with Kos, which is a surfer-to-surfer company that understands the real needs of shapers and works to offer the best in blocks and machining machines.

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