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Specification: Model: DDCSV3.1 (manual)
Axis: 4 Axes
HZ: 500KHZ
Application: CNC Engraving Machine and CNC Milling Machine Features: The DDCSV3.1
It is the 4-axis and 4-axis motion controller. The control period of each
position is only 4 milliseconds, with a high control accuracy.
The highest uniaxial output pulse is 500KHz, and the pulse width can be adjusted.
It supports common stepper motor and servo motor.


  • Customer has up to 7 days, after receiving the goods, to return the part, for exchange or refund of the value of the product without shipping. Shipping costs at the expense of the customer.

  • We deliver our products via courier through PAC, the delivery time varies according to the customer's location. We ship merchandise within 7 days of receiving your order.

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